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1st Trip to Six Flags Great Adventure Next Weekend 2 F. Ventrella Hi Frank Frightfest is the most crowded part of the year and if you are talking the weekend Oct 27th, it's peak! Kinda Ka is indeed the hardest coaster to catch a ride on. Everyone heads there first. They try and open it with the park sometimes things happen. Do not get out of line if it breaks down. Nitro is normally a sure bet at opening. However, it's not hard to catch rides later in the day as well. Nitro is also a great night ride as well as El Toro. The park gets busier later in the day when the haunts start to open. I would make a judgment on Flash Pass when you see what the crowds are like and if you feel you are missing rides. I also suggest packing warm clothes and lighter clothes. The weather is cold and warm, off and on. Enjoy!Bret UlozasACE NJ regional Rep
by B. Ulozas
Thursday, October 18, 2018
California Great America - How busy over Labor Day? 1 J. McGinty I was there on 8/25 and it was very crowded, so I would expect Labor Day will be worse. The first time in a while I really wished I had purchased fast pass.Railblazer capacity is low and it will be a wait.
by D. Vanecek
Thursday, August 30, 2018
Maps of Parks in the US 1 G. Oliver Not one provided by ACE but this is a fairly exhaustive worldwide map of coasters, etc:
by J. Wdowicki
Friday, October 13, 2017
A question about a coaster I once rode 2 S. Beall Thanks! That's a possibility, although it doesn't look quite like I remember, but I know how tricky memory is. We have been to King's Dominion quite a long time ago. Probably time to go back, and now one more reason to.
by S. Beall
Sunday, September 4, 2016
Hotel discounts for coaster mania? 1 G. Lisula According to the park's event page, they are offering the following discounts:Discounted hotel rates are available for CoasterMania! Subject to availability. Valid June 5-8 only. Call 419.627.2106 or visit the reservations page and use promo code MANIA.Hotel Breakers: starting at $134Breakers Express: starting at $86All other information on Coastermania can be found on the park's event page at this helps, Scott ShortNorthern Ohio Regional Rep
by S. Short
Thursday, May 8, 2014
Airport -> Cedar Point 1 P. Murphy Unfortunately, Sandusky and Cedar Point aren't very well covered by public transit to and from Toledo and Cleveland (closest airports). Your best bet will be to rent a car.Scott ShortNorthern Ohio Regional Representative
by S. Short
Thursday, May 8, 2014