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ACE News is our bi-monthly newsletter with up-to-date information about ACE, our events, roller coasters, and amusement parks. ACE members receive this newsletter as one of their membership benefits. A full-color version of ACE News is available to ACE members. Download current and past issues using the link provided below.

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December 2018 | Volume XLI | Issue 2

IAAPA Attractions Expo 2018

Anyone who might say that the IAAPA trade show is the same every year isn’t necessarily paying attention. There are numerous new products to be found, but finding them quite often requires more than just casually walking by a booth. Some interesting things are heading our way. In the meantime, showgoers could witness everything from new technology to bring refreshed life to existing attractions to cars transforming into robots to flying cotton candy.

Kentucky Kingdom Set to Add Wooden Coaster for 2019

Following the major announcements of the theme park chains’ plans for 2019, it seemed that there would not be a new wooden coaster in the United States for 2019. That all changed as Kentucky Kingdom was ending its 2018 season.

Kentucky Kingdom will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the park’s reopening back in 1989. In conjunction with the occasion, the park has produced a documentary. It can be viewed at As a part of this celebration, the park will be adding its sixth roller coaster, Kentucky Flyer.

East Meets ACE: Tour of Japan

The East Meets ACE tour took place September 22 – October 3. During that time, ACE enjoyed 16 parks, while one was unfortunately cancelled because of a typhoon. Yes, a typhoon! Along the way, more than 50 coasters could be ridden by attendees. As this was the first visit to Japan for most members on the tour, the exposure to another country and culture, the selection of rides — both delightful and unusual — and close to two weeks of comradery made for a trip of a lifetime.

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In late September, Kings Island (Kings Mills, Ohio) began teasing the news that one of its 16 coasters would (unfortunately) be “headed to the grave” at the end of the season. The news is confirmed: R.I.P. Firehawk, the Vekoma Flying Dutchman steel coaster that came to the park in 2007 (having been moved there after beginning life as X-Flight in 2001 at the now-closed Geauga Lake). Officials stated that though the ride had remained popular, it had “reached the end of its service life.” Firehawk offered its last flights during the park’s closing Halloween Haunt weekend October 26-28...*more*

Tis the season of giving, and the National Roller Coaster Museum and Archives (NRCMA) is looking for your gift in 2019 to help the museum give back to others in the future. Encouraging progress has been made toward expansion of the NRCMA’s Plainview, Texas, archive facility. Thanks to the generosity of the amusement industry and ACE members, more than $380,000 has been raised toward a $900,000 fundraising goal to build a nearly 10,000-square-foot exhibition space, which will be named after founding board member and Uremet Corporation founder Mark Moore...*more*

As I begin writing this column, I am jet-lagged from the successful East Meets ACE trip to Japan. I hope those who attended had fun riding coasters and experiencing the unique nature of our trip to East Asia. I don’t think I’ll ever forget all the extravagant costumes we saw at Tokyo Disneyland, DisneySea and Universal Studios Japan. So many unique demonstrations of originality and creative enthusiasm playing dress-up in a park!...*more*