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ACE News is our bi-monthly newsletter with up-to-date information about ACE, our events, roller coasters, and amusement parks. ACE members receive this newsletter as one of their membership benefits. A full-color version of ACE News is available to ACE members. Download current and past issues using the link provided below.

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October 2018 | Volume XLI | Issue 1

Wood Express

The world has gained another new woodie, completed internationally this time, courtesy of Parc Saint Paul in Saint-Paul, Picardie, France, and The Gravity Group, LLC of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Wood Express, a 49-foot-tall, 1,572-foot-long family coaster opened on July 1, 2018. It features steel structure with wood track.

West Coast Racers Makes It 20 For Magic Mountain

Racing coasters have been popular for more than a century. They’ve been wood and steel, out-and-back and twisty. They’ve looped. Enter Six Flags Magic Mountain. The park has announced a new version, West Coast Racers, one that has never been seen before. Kind of. It’s like Twisted Colossus meets Full Throttle meets Knott’s defunct Windjammer. Throw in some other stuff too. There are a lot of little nuances that almost pay homage to so many rides. But West Coast Racers is its own thing. ACE members heading to Coaster Con 42 next June are sure to love it.

Copperhead Strike Adds Bite To Carowinds' Lineup

Oh, where to begin? The announcement of Copperhead Strike at Carowinds (Charlotte, North Carolina) has so much snakey snazziness, it’s hard to know where to start in describing its attributes. Enthusiasts can rejoice that — finally! — a blue fire Megacoaster-style of ride is finding its way to the United States. Okay, sure, Manta at SeaWorld San Diego features this type of train and a launch. But admittedly, that’s a family ride (and a good one at that). But this style of coaster has legions of fans. When blue fire debuted at Europa-Park in 2009, its smoothness and exceptionally wonderful trains made it a runaway hit for both the park and Mack Rides. Pent up demand for a version to call America’s own has now been granted.

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In this year of 40th anniversary celebration, ACE has had an extraordinary run of events. The last of this year’s national activities may not have had the large attendance of the Spring Conference and Coaster Con 41, but that intimacy may have indirectly served as a tribute to the early years of ACE before hundreds of members registering for an event became the norm. With preservation being the focus as indicated by the event’s very name, it was a fitting conclusion to 2018’s trio of celebratory occasions...*more*

It is often said that good things come in small packages. This is certainly the case with Kiddy Coaster at Playland in Rye, New York. Opening with the park on May 26, 1928, Kiddy Coaster was designed by Playland’s architect, Frank W. Darling, and built by noted ride manufacturer and park developer Rudyard S. Uzzell. Construction of the wooden pint-sized children’s coaster was completed in December of 1927 and featured classic style wooden trains that are thought to have been created either by Uzzell or Frederick Church when the ride first opened...*more*

When I started volunteering for ACE, I only wanted to be able to better enjoy my home park and share it with others. I thought my connections and relationships at Six Flags Over Georgia would benefit both ACE and the park. That was more than 20 years ago. Never in my thoughts was the idea that I would be the president of ACE. I will admit to being apprehensive about accepting the nomination and was very humbled by the show of support from so many different folks. To be elected ACE’s president is both an honor and a great responsibility...*more*