Archives and Collections

To recognize the importance of amusement park and roller coaster history as well as ACE’s own collections, ACE maintains an archival facility and inventories. Hundreds of contributions are stored and inventoried, with more to be completed.

Since its founding in 1978, ACE has been collecting information to document:

  • The history and development of roller coasters
  • The history of amusement parks that have, or have had, roller coasters, even if those parks are no longer in existence
  • Roller coaster manufacturers, designers, and suppliers
  • The history of ACE and its members (and we have started to receive items from members of other clubs and associations as well)

ACE’s goal to accumulate a world-class collection of equipment, artifacts, and contemporary and historical records of roller coasters, their amusement parks, and the people who build, design, and ride them. We hope that you will consider helping this effort by making donations to the ACE Archives.

For information on donating to ACE’s collection, please contact ACE’s Archives Manager Melinda Gaspari. All inquiries will be held in confidence.