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February 2019

Carnival Cruise Line Puts A Roller Coaster Onboard

Enthusiasts can be a snobby lot on occasion. Obviously not the norm, but at times the “I’ve done it all” attitude can sneak in when not intended. News like this is just the thing to take such types down a peg or two. A roller coaster is coming to a cruise ship.

ACE News will jump in right off the bat and squelch the debate. Yes, it is a powered ride, so by sheer definition, it isn’t a gravity-driven roller coaster. However, this publication isn’t about to pooh-pooh the novel innovation that Carnival Cruises and Maurer Rides is bringing to the table. It’s sure going to look like a roller coaster. And the cool factor and marketing possibilities can’t be disputed.

SeaWorld San Diego Starts Off 2019 With A 2020 Announcement — A B&M!

Barely before enthusiasts could get excited about upcoming coasters for the 2019 season, SeaWorld San Diego surprised the coaster world with the announcement of yet another new coaster for 2020.

The original SeaWorld park, famous (and infamous) for its Shamu shows, continues to reinvent itself without sacrificing its message. In recent years, the SeaWorld parks have moved toward an emphasis on rides. Thankfully for enthusiasts, several have been coasters. SeaWorld Orlando opened Mako in 2016, and SeaWorld San Antonio debuted Wave Breaker: The Jet Rescue Coaster in 2017. Last year, SeaWorld San Diego brought Electric Eel and this year will introduce the coaster-like Tidal Twister. So, now an announcement of a third in a row? That’s pretty impressive, particularly considering the next one is by Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M)!

2018 Year In Review

Like life in general, the ups and downs in the coaster world of 2018 were like — wait for it — a roller coaster. Years and years from now, when enthusiasts look back on 2018, what will stand out? ACE News’ annual Year in Review pinpoints some of the memorable details of last year.

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The Avalanche wooden coaster at Timber Falls Adventure Park (Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin), which had been standing but not operating for all of this last season, was torn down on November 20, 2018...*more*

This feature usually highlights ACE’s success stories in regard to documenting and preserving the history of roller coasters and the club. Conservation is a part of ACE’s core mission. Soon you will read here about the latest ACE Roller Coaster Landmark to be dedicated during the upcoming Preservation Conference in May. To continue those success stories, your help is needed...*more*

Happy New Year! ACE’s winter events are a great way to meet new friends, and recently I found a quote, “There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t yet met.” Whereas we used to be in a wintertime coasterless desert after parks closed in the fall (don’t laugh, Florida and California), most of the country now has a park open through the end of the year. The “off-season” has shrunk down to a break. While this may reduce the offseason events’ impact, they are still great for networking, and I’m looking forward to attending many and meeting new friends...*more*