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Welcome to Your New ACE News!

The April 2019 issue is the final issue you will receive by mail.

As approved by the membership last summer, ACE News has been transformed into an online publication. The April issue is now posted, and it is the first issue completely online, not only in a PDF digest version, but with all articles individually posted in a format that is optimized and easily viewable on most any computer or mobile device. Wherever you are connected to the internet, ACE News will be there.

New weekly content will be posted to the website starting Friday, May 3, at This new version of ACE News has numerous advantages. News reaches members much faster, there is freedom to showcase more photos, articles are not restricted by space limitations and can have multi-media content and links within stories and members can interact by posting comments on stories. As an added bonus, the savings from not printing or mailing ACE News are passed along directly to members in reduced dues rates.

Change typically comes with many questions, so ACE hopes to clarify some things that may not be clear.

How will I get the new ACE News?

Starting in May, members will be able to see new content each week at The plan is to post new articles each Friday, so ACEers will be enjoying news content much faster. Previous articles will be available for viewing for an extended period of time, as will past issues, and a search function will become a useful tool.

Why is this format better?

Good question. This new version of ACE News has numerous advantages. News reaches members much faster, there is freedom to showcase more photos and the articles are not restricted by space limitations. Another huge advantage is the savings on printing and mailing is directly passed on to the membership as annual dues will be reduced starting at $50 for an individual.

If ACE News is now online, does that mean anybody can read it?

While anyone can view a preview of each article, the full ACE News article can only be viewed after you have signed in. This is a members-only benefit.

I don’t know my log-in to What should I do?

Members who are unsure of their website log-in ID can check any recent national update email. It is listed under “Your Information” in the right-hand column. If you’ve forgotten or not set up your password, follow the “reset password” link on the log-in page.

But what if I just paid the old renewal rate?

That’s not a problem. Each current individual, couple, family and corporate membership will simply have an extension of their expiration date so that they receive the full value of dues paid. Extensions will vary by the portion remaining on the previous renewal. Associate memberships are not affected by this change. The trial membership program has been discontinued, and all remaining trial memberships will simply end at their current expiration dates without any extension.

NOTE: Although individual, couple, family and corporate membership expirations will be extended, new cards with new dates will not be reissued. If a membership card is vital for attending an event, simply print off a temporary one by signing onto the website and choosing “membership card” on the “manage profile” screen. That should be the first screen you see when you sign in. If it is not, then click on Membership->Manage my Profile. The preferred option is to renew by the original expiration on your membership card. The new card will expire one, two or three years from your new anniversary date. Members who have a multi-year membership that is good for more than 18 months will automatically have a new card mailed.

But I liked getting ACE News the old way. What if I want printed copies?

The good news is that members who enjoy and save the printed copies — and ACE loves that! — will still be able to do so. Just as mailings were sent out every two months, digested versions of all the online content will be put into a PDF layout online that will allow each member to print off a version of ACE News at work or at home or download them and save them for later. While mailing a handful of printed copies is not feasible, ACE feels printing a saved copy at home for research reasons or to keep a collection complete will be quite easy.

This isn’t happening with RollerCoaster!, is it?

There are no plans to change ACE’s flagship magazine. As it is a feature article publication, RollerCoaster! doesn’t have the same pressure to get timely news out quickly.

What else should I know?

Because news is reaching members faster, it is vital that members help out the publications team by contributing articles and sending in photos of events and new coasters as quickly as possible. Photo Editor Tim Baldwin can be reached at

What if I have more questions?

An email address ( has been created if you would like to ask any additional questions. Also an ACE News transition forum has been set up where members can discuss the change and interact with ACE officials to get additional information and responses. We are here to help.