Silver Dollar City, Outlaw Run
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3/17/2013 at 11:50:22 PM GMT
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Silver Dollar City, Outlaw Run
it was my first coaster experience for 2013, and I couldn't have asked for a better day for it, the sun was shining and the cold winter chill was replaced with an awesome 71 degrees. it was to be expected that the crowds would be in full swing at the park and I wasn't wrong on my assumption by a long shot.

we arrived down in Branson around 11 am, and upon immediately exiting the highway, there was a line of cars all with the same destination as us, an surprisingly enough it didn't take us long to park, we paid the 12 dollars and parked in the preferred parking and it was a short walk to the ticket window.

The ticket window area was a flooded mess of people, and after about 50 minutes and patiently waiting for the senior citizen working the ticket window to type the required information in, I received my season pass and entered the park.

I made a b line to the back area of the park where the Outlaw run was located at, and when I arrived I found the queue entrance and got in line. We waited for a little under 2 hours, the coaster was having some operational problems, which they did eventually get worked out and the coaster was back to being fully operational.

They were running 2 trains and unfortunately, the loading times needed a bit of work, however it is a new coaster, and new employees and a new season, so things like that are also expected. The station is themed nicely, and the outdoor sections of the queue are mulched instead of black top, which I see as a plus especially during the summers here in the Midwest.

after our approximate 2 hours of waiting, it was time to board the train. they give you the freedom to choose where you want to sit, so we sat in the middle but situated a little closer to the back. We left the station and you make a quick jog to the right and after catching the chain you are on your way up. its not a very long ride to the top at all, just a matter of seconds. The car is released at the top, you make a quick jog to the left, then up and over you go. The hop produces a nice jolt of floaty airtime that continues as you drop down the first hill..

Let me tell you about this coaster and its first drop, Once you crest that hill, gravity takes over in a big way, and this is where you become aware of exactly what the coaster can do, and what kind of power it generates. The folks over at Rocky Mountain sure as hell know what they are doing when it comes to building a coaster from the ground up, This is their first one, and this one is a sure fire winner!

This coaster twists and turns and flips and careens over the track at what seems like break neck speeds, it delivers several quick bouts of airtime and it does flips and dives unlike any other wooden coaster I have ridden. There is a banked turn that drops down a hill giving you an incredible experience before throwing you over a perfect air time hill then right into the barrel rolls. They put turns, drops and banks all with perfect placement to deliver a high charged experience.

This Coaster is beyond incredible! and the pictures really don't do the ride justice. its situated in the woods so pictures are not easy things to get of the coaster that's for sure, other than the lift and barrel roll at the end the rest of the track is down in the terrain. Unlike your traditional wood coaster, there are no cat walks or railings other than on the lift hill, and those stop right at the top of the first drop. There is but one strap on the side of the lap bar for those that aren't brave enough to go free handed with your hands and arms waving in the air like you just don't care. The cars are comfortable, and the lap bar has an extra bar that goes across your shins keeping you very snug in the train.

After we rode Outlaw run we headed right next door to the Giant Barn swing, another thrilling and exciting ride at SDC! this one goes a lot higher than the one at Dollywood and the ride time seems a little better. after the swing we headed right to the pizza parlor for a very disappointing meal, this was the first time in the history of my going to this park (since 72) I did not have a meal at "the Mine" restaurant, and it won't happen again.

after lunch we headed up to Powder Keg, and had a wait of about 25 minutes for this one, and as always it was worth it. I really do like Powder Keg, and have since it was changed to that after the demise of "Buzz saw falls". after our ride on that we headed right down the hill to Wildfire, a classic B&M twister that is most definitely a hidden gem of a coaster.

we ended our day with a front row ride on the parks classic dark ride "Fire in the hole", I hope they never change this ride, its cheesy, run down, and cheap but man it holds some awesome memories for me. after our ride on that it was sadly time to leave, we headed out of the park, and stopped in the hospitality house to do a little bit of gift shopping, and then it was down the parking lot to the car, we had a 4 hour drive back to St. Louis to get started on, and thankfully the parking lot was very thinned out, and we didn't get into any traffic leaving the park.

5 of the people in our group upgraded their tickets to season passes, nice to know I will have others to come with me when I make return visits this summer.

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3/19/2013 at 5:54:50 PM GMT
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Love the park. Unfortunately my one and only visit was in 2006. I’m REALLY excited for another visit and hope to pull one off this year. Thanks for the trip report and getting me even more hyped up. Glad you had a good time.

I have to ask, you wanted 2 hours to ride Outlaw Run. Was that because of the lines? Operational issues? Did you get there at opening or after?

Surprised you had a bad meal there as SDC’s food is notoriously good. I think one of if not the best in the industry.

3/21/2013 at 4:54:02 AM GMT
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Thanks for sharing a report about a great trip.  SDC is one of my favorite parks.

My girlfriend & I had a treat Labor Day weekend trip there last year, and I hope to be able to go back for the regional ACE event there this May.

I absolutely agree with you about Fire in the Hole!

Again, thanks!

--David L. 

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