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Filming for the Future

Posted By Kristopher M. Rowberry, Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Updated: Tuesday, June 16, 2015

 Filming for the Future - June 16th, 2015

Yesterday, we had the unique opportunity (privilege, really) to film directly on the Arrow rides at Six Flags Over Texas, that shaped the industry for decades to come. 

To the best of our knowledge, no one has been authorized to take mounted, POV of the ride beyond 1080p (standard hi-def), so we we're really setting the bar high for those who will follow us. Our hope is to ensure the footage remains relevant for years to come, even as broadcasting quality standards change.

First up, was the venerable mine train - first ever built - and certainly the one that all others since have and should be compared to. This was Ron Toomer's first-ever design, and the start of a relationship that would last for decades.


(Photo: Robert Ingle)

At the same time, I was next door, filming on the Mini Mine Train. It's now only one of two left in the world of its type.

Then it was onto El Aserradero, the world's first log flume. Much to our delight, flume 1 (the original) was not only open for filming, it REMAINED OPEN all day for our interview segment, something we were told was, "...only opened for special occasions or when the park was packed."


(Photo: Robert Ingle)

How honored are we?!? Because without that flume running, we couldn't shoot from the bridge overlooking the ride! Just one of the many ways the park went above and beyond to ensure this segment would be successful. 


(Photo: Robert Ingle)

Finally, we had the Chaparral Cars - the easiest of the rides to mount and film. One trip around the track and we were done for the day with POV.

After we locked up the equipment, we decided to head back into the park and enjoy the afternoon (I.E. ride the very attractions we had spend so long just filming).

If you haven't checked out Justice League: Battle for Metropolis yet - get off your rear and get to Over Texas or Mid-America (St. Louis). Easily one the best dark rides to open this decade at ANY American park. Disney included.

Bill, why? That Tropical Storm Guy...

Despite the success of POV day, even the best laid plans are subject to change without notice. In this case, Mother Nature decided that we needed an extra day in the DFW area, courtesy of Tropical Storm Bill.


Thankfully, we're looking good to get to our next destination, albeit a day later than originally expected. According to the latest forecasts, we should be ahead of the storm until we fly to Utah - but as we learned here this week, the weather forecast is only as good as the next 10 minutes.

Certifiably Amazing

Over the past few days, we've had the privilege of working directly with the Communications Team at Over Texas: Ms. Sharon Parker and Ms. Anastasia Reed. The two of them worked in perfect sync with one another to make sure we got the shots we needed - and to say we were appreciative would be an understatement.

You'll be seeing many plaques like this along our journey - because we feel it's important to take the time to recognize the effort they put in, dealing with US.


(Photo: Six Flags)

On behalf of the entire crew, our sincerest thanks to the entire team at Six Flags Over Texas for showing us their Southern Hospitality and for assisting us on "The Legacy of Arrow." Onto the Point, everyone!

 - Kris Rowberry

Be sure to continue with us on the journey, as we aim to tell the story of an industry legend. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or search "#LegacyofArrow" on your favorite social media account!

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Riding Roller Coasters to Preserve History

Posted By Production Team, Friday, June 12, 2015
Updated: Thursday, June 11, 2015

Enthusiasts traveling across U.S.A. this month for film on former American ride manufacturer

SAN JOSE, CALIF – With the exception of wooden roller coasters, most of today’s state of the art thrill rides are designed by European firms. But in the 1960’s, Northern California-based Arrow Development was the company that parks around the world came to for the latest in steel coaster innovation.

This month, a small crew of volunteers from American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) Worldwide, Inc. will crisscross the country to tell the story of an American manufacturing legend that entertained millions. The team will visit parks with prominent Arrow rides, including: Six Flags Over Texas, Cedar Point, Kennywood, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Lagoon Park and Silverwood Theme Park among others.

Nicholas Laschkewitsch is the film’s Director, as well as Video Promotions Coordinator for ACE:

“The American Coaster Enthusiasts are all about the preservation and enjoyment of roller coasters,” said Laschkewitsch. “It makes sense for ACE to stand behind a documentary on Arrow Development, a company of which its creations have been admired by millions.”

Kris Rowberry is the Executive Producer, as well as the host of “The Lost Parks of Northern California” series:

“Everyone knows Silicon Valley as a hotbed for technological innovations,” said Rowberry. “But few know that the valley that gave us Google and iPhones also spawned the world’s first log flume and corkscrew roller coaster. It truly is a forgotten piece of our national history.”

“This project will literally bring history to life, as well as preserve it for generations to come,” said Robert Ingle, the film’s Photographer and Producer.

The public is welcome to join the team on the journey by following American Coaster Enthusiasts on social media or by using the #RideWithACE and #LegacyOfArrow hashtags. Fans can also visit:

About ACE: Founded in 1978, ACE is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion, appreciation and safe enjoyment of roller coasters. With more than 5,000 members across the globe, ACE is the largest amusement park enthusiast organization in the world. In addition, numerous television outlets including the Travel Channel have prominently featured ACE and it’s members.

- Robert Ingle, Nicholas Laschkewitsch & Kris Rowberry

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