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That Yellow Arrow: Filming at Kennywood

Posted By Kristopher M. Rowberry, Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Updated: Tuesday, June 23, 2015


That Yellow Arrow: Filming at Kennywood - June 21-22, 2015  


Wow, what a difference a day makes!

When we arrived to Kennywood on Saturday evening, it was absolutely pouring rain. Hardly ideal for filming a documentary.

Despite my misgivings, Nicholas somehow convinced us to ride Phantom's Revenge (85+ mph) in that rain.

Ouch. Even with sunglasses - OUCH. But then, that airtime seemed to make you forget about the pelting rain and soaked clothes.

Funny how that works, huh?

Thankfully, when we woke up the next day, it was bright and sunny - perfect filming conditions.

Upon arrival to the park, we were greeted by the PR Manager, Nick Paradise, who jetted us to the Phantom's Revenge for POV and b-roll shooting.

This is the moment that the shoot went to legendary status.

Our group split up - Nicholas and Robert took the arduous hike DOWN the famous hill to capture the "big drop" while I stayed in the station and mounted the camera for 4K POV.

We've had some unique experiences on this project thus far, but Kennywood has so far taken the cake in terms of accessibility.

The ride mechanics were more than happy to show off what they saw everyday during their inspections - and that passion continued during the interviews we recorded as well.

People who work at Kennywood have not only a passion for what they do, they have a palpable sense of history and know what the park means to the Pittsburgh area - something I wish our home parks in the Bay Area could more readily encourage.

Seeing the passion for their jobs and respect for those who came before them, it's something that made us Californians cringe to think we'll never experience again in our home state.


(Photo: Robert Ingle)


(Photo: Robert Ingle)


(Photo: Robert Ingle)


(Photo: Robert Ingle)


L to R: Adam Yerdon of Great Coasters International (GCI), Kris Rowberry, Robert Ingle, Nicholas Laschkewitsch, and Nick Paradise of Kennywood.

After capturing spectacular - some never before done on Phantom - we moved on to more interviews and the Log Jammer - the only flume in the USA with Arrow's "spillway drop."

There, we met up with one of the former park CEOs, Harry "Henny" Henninger. I can't tell you some of the stories he told us off camera, but needless to say, you're going to look forward to his appearance in the documentary.


(Photo: Robert Ingle)


L to R: Nicholas Laschkewitsch, Henny Henninger, Kris Rowberry, and Robert Ingle.

After wrapping up filming and taking in a complimentary dose of Potato Patch Fries, we put away the gear and went to explore the park as guests. All the rumors you've heard are true - Kennywood is amazing.

From the Jack Rabbit and Racer, to the formidable Thunderbolt and Phantom - this traditional amusement park has blended the old with the new seamlessly - and we know see why so many people are proud to post in social media that "...they're at Kennywood."

- Kris Rowberry

Be sure to continue with us on the journey, as we aim to tell the story of an industry legend. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or search "#LegacyOfArrow" on your favorite social media network!

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