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Coaster Landmark Award

Coaster: Yankee Cannonball
Park: Canobie Lake Park - Salem, NH
Date awarded: 6/20/2013

Plaque Text

American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) recognizes Canobie Lake Park's Yankee Cannonball as an ACE Roller Coaster Landmark, a designation reserved for rides of historic significance.

Yankee Cannonball began its existence as Roller Coaster at Lakewood Park in Waterbury, Connecticut, in 1930 and was engineered by Philadelphia Toboggan Company's legendary designer Herbert P. Schmeck (1890-1956) and builder Frank Hoover (1903-1987). When the coaster closed at Lakewood Park in the early 1930s, it was purchased by Canobie Lake Park owner Patrick Holland and moved to the park by rail. The coaster structure had to be extensively modified to fit into its new location where it was reopened as Greyhound in 1936.

On August 31, 1954, Hurricane Carol destroyed portions of the structure, including the coaster's lift hill, but it was rebuilt for the following season. By the late 1950s, the ride was known by more common names such as Roller Coaster, Coaster and Giant Coaster. In 1983, the L-shaped out-and-back coaster was officially given a new name – Yankee Cannonball. At a maximum height of 63 feet, 6 inches, this classic coaster reaches a top speed of 35 mph over the delightful airtime-filled speed bumps along its 1,874-foot-long course.

As New Hampshire's oldest operating roller coaster, ACE applauds Canobie Lake Park for continued excellence in maintaining and preserving Yankee Cannonball, a historic cultural treasure.

Presented by American Coaster Enthusiasts

During Coaster Con XXXVI

June 20, 2013

Vacant Position
Preservation Director
Dave Hahner

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