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Coaster Landmark Award

Coaster: Leap-the-Dips
Park: Lakemont Park - Altoona, PA
Date awarded: 5/26/2002

Plaque Text

The American Coaster Enthusiasts recognize Leap-the-Dips as an ACE Roller Coaster Landmark, a designation reserved for rides of historical significance.

Designed by E. Joy Morris and built by the Federal Construction Company, Leap-the-Dips is the oldest operating roller coaster in the world. Opened in 1902, it is the last remaining example of nearly 400 figure-eight type coasters built at American amusement parks between 1889 and 1922. Closed in 1985, it was saved from demolition by local preservationists and members of the American Coaster Enthusiasts. After a complete restoration, it reopened in 1999, again offering its classic ride experience for future generations to enjoy.

Presented by the American Coaster Enthusiasts May 2002

Vacant Position
Preservation Director
Dave Hahner

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