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ACE News current issue front cover - Click to view large picture ACE News is our bi-monthly newsletter with up-to-date information about ACE, our events, roller coasters, and amusement parks. ACE members receive this newsletter as one of their membership benefits (sorry, but we do not sell subscriptions to the newsletter separately).

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Our April 2014 issue features the following articles and more:

  • Viva Las Vegas! El Loco - Indoor Coaster is a Winner
  • Flying Over the Rainforest - Chimelong Ocean Kingdom
  • Rye Playland on the Precipice of a Sustainable Future
  • The Sixth Annual Coasting for Kids: Sunday, June 8, 2014 - ACEers Ride Coasters to Raise Funds for Give Kids The World
  • Kennywood’s Thunderbolt Named ACE Roller Coaster Landmark
  • The Lost Parks of Northern California
  • Extensive coverage of regional events: "A Christmas Story"Book Land, Coasterbash! XXV and The Great Nor’Easter 2014,
  • 2014 Park and Roller Coaster Anniversaries
  • The Impulse to Add a New Steel Coaster Hits Knoebels
  • Construction Zone
  • First Test Train on Banshee Wails Over Kings Island
* Lee Ann Draud
Publications Director
* Terrence L. Lind

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